With FUNERAL COSTS RISING in excess of the annual rate of inflation. It is an unfortunate fact that , for many families, budgeting for a funeral by traditional means may no longer be sufficient to cover the costs. 

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance freezes the costs of the funeral directors fees and services at todays prices, and protects your family against rising funeral expenses.

According to the SUN LIFE COST OF DYING REPORT 2017 the average funeral costs have risen from £1,920 in 2004 to £4,078 in 2017 which is an increase of 112%. The report continues to suggest that by 2022, the average funeral costs will be £4944. 

Our plans currently start from £2895 which includes the funeral directors fees, hearse and basic coffin and also provides an allowance for additional disbursements such as crematorium and doctors’ fees. 

With all of our funeral plan providers you can prepare in advance for life’s final event and protect your family from rising funeral expenses. All of our plans guarantee that however long you live, and however expensive a funeral is when you pass, there will always be sufficient funds to cover all the funeral directors’ fees and funeral service.