Your Peace of Mind consultant will discuss your requirements and budget with you and will recommend a plan that meet all your requirements. We will discuss the  different payment options from low monthly payments (with option of a small deposit) to payment in full or over twenty four months or longer. Each plan offers the opportunity to record any special requests you may have for the service you want. It is also vital that we take down the details of your next of kin including their contact details for when the time comes.


Price & Payment Options

Our providers offer various payment options that can suit all budgets and circumstances. You can either pay as a lump sum or over 24 months interest free. There is also an option to extend this up to thirty years, with one provider offering low fixed monthly payments based on your age. If you want to pay by instalments  a low deposit of £49.00 is normally required. If you were to die before the last payment is made then the balance outstanding would have to be paid as this is NOT A LIFE ASSURANCE POLICY.


Over 50’s and under 50’s 

In the field of ‘end of life planning,’ the market is traditionally divided into under 50’s and over 50’s categories. The reason for this is unclear, however this is probably a marketing ploy because the over 50’s are generally more conscious of the need to arrange for

the eventuality of death. Many of the companies only offer funeral plans for the over 50’s but we have

access to a major provider who can arrange a plan providing the person is over eighteen years old.

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