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The Importance of Having a Will

It is important for everyone to have a professionally drafted will, one that you can be certain will be legally valid when you die.

No matter how simple your affairs may seem or whatever your age, a Will ensures that your wishes are set out clearly so that on your death, your assets will go to the people or charity you want them to go to. 

Modern society is more complex, with partnerships and second marriages becoming more common-place, so having a correctly drafted Will and proper Estate Planning is more important than ever before.

Thinking about and planning for death is bound to make most of us feel uncomfortable, but not doing so is likely to make the situation for those you leave behind far more painful than if you take the time to write a valid Will now.

If you have young children you can also appoint guardians in your Will to look after them should you die before they reach 18.

Happy Elderly Couple.
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